Note book bound in digital printed cotton-satin

A sturdy little note book for the handbag


This small note book appears in an untreated cotton-satin cover with a print of shells and sand.



The contents of the notebook is made from 100 grs. paper and amounts to 120 pages. The book-block is hand-sewn. The cover is made form thin cardboard and covered with a strong cotton-satin fabric.

  • Height: 142 mm
  • Width: 100 mm
  • Thickness 12 mm


There are now real variants. However the fabric is cut to dimension and that results in a randomdistribution of the shells seen on the cover.

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Is the notebook flexible?

Covers are made with cardboard and therefore the cover is stiff.

What is the touch and feel of the fabric?

The satin-weaving results in a smooth surface. The yarn is not really thin and therefore one keeps a nice ans soft touch and fee, retaining a good grip.

What kind of button is fixed to the closing?

Closing buttons vary in material, depending on availability they may be from leather, wood, stone, mother of pearl, bone or any other kind of suitable material.


The Note book bound in digital printed cotton-satin is an artisanal product by BOEDE