Demo product


You can split the content into multiple sections by using three dashes. They must each be in their own <p>-- -</p> otherwise they won't work (yes there is a space in the example there as not to break things).

The first section will be the introduction section at the top of the page.

Featured image

The featured image will be used as the main image on top of the page.

Section title

If the first line contains <p><strong>...</strong></p> it will be transformed into a section title.

Section subtitle 1

Use <p><em>...</em></p> to create section subttiles. You can have as many of those as you like. However, never use them without a section title, as it will break the heading hierarchy.

Another section subtitle

Bla bla


You can start a column construction by using a line with <p>[ROW]</p>. This starts the 3-column construction. To switch column use a line with <p>[COL]</p>. 

Don't put more than 3 columns in a row. You can start another row if you like by using the <p>[ROW]</p> instruction.

And this is the third column

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The FAQ is a special section, it will be placed at the bottom. Don't put a header in a FAQ section. You start an FAQ section by adding <p>[FAQ]</p> immideately after a section splitter.

The Demo product is an artisanal product by BOEDE