Pepper and salt grinders: mechanical parts

Pepper mills


BOEDE uses high quality stainless steel grinder parts for the pepper mills, they are bought form the Swiss manufacturer Strässler in Rafz. The mechanism is made for durability. The milling grade is adjusted from the bottom screw at the underside of the mill. Whether the top screw, which retains the head of the mill, is tightened or not is not important. This upper screw-top has no influence on the grade of milling.



Salt Grinder

BOEDE buys the salt grinder mechanisms from Strässler, Rafz, Switzerland. The grinding cone is from special plastics, the driving rod is from aluminium. This setup guarantees a long usability. Important feature of this grinding mechanism is, that the grade of grinding is adjusted from the bottom of the grinder, so the top screw which holds the mill's head in place, does not influence the grinding grade. 


Nut Meg Grinder


For the Nut Meg Grinders  stainless steel mechanics are mounted. These parts are produced by Strässler, Rafz, Switzerland.