Salt Mill

The salt-grinder has a straight design with a diameter, which fits nicely in the hands.

The wood surface is smoothly sanded and oiled. It gives a good grip while grinding.

The salt-grinder makes a good companion to the pepper mill in the same design.

The grinding mechanism is made of  plastics whereas the driving rod is made from aluminium (Design: Strässler,  Rafz, Switzerland). The grain size is adjusted with a spring-loaded screw at the bottom of the mill. This makes sure that the grain remains the same throughout grinding.

Lengths of the mills are approximately 95 mm, 135 mm and 185 mm. The diameter is approximately 49mm.

Available wood types: walnut, maple, cherry, elm, plane, oak, beach

Delivery: empty grinder


What are the sources of the wood?

All wood is taken from local production from durable forestry.

Where are the salt-grinders produced?

Production of these salt-grinders takes place in the workshop of BOEDE. 

Why is there no salt-grinder made from yew?

Yew is a toxic wood and therefore not suitable for items which come into contact with food.

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The Salt Mill is an artisanal product by BOEDE