Bolt Walnut

Each pencilhas its individual presentation from the wood used. The fine polish of the surface makes it a special experience while holding it for writing. The wood adds a smooth and warm touch and feel.



The wooden body is turned on the lathe in such a way, that it comfortably snugs into the writing hand.

The mechanical parts are made from sturdy metal, so a long-term use is guaranteed. The cap at the backend can be loosened. With the cap one can shape the lead.

This pencil uses large graphite leads of 5.6 mm. The pencil is suitable for sketching, fast writing notes and making graphite drawings. The pencil-refills are provided through art-equipment-shops, which commonly provide leads in a variety of hardnesses.

The cap can be unscrewed; it contains a pencil sharpener.


The pencil has an overall length of ca. 130 mm and is at the tip about 13 mm thick.

Available wood types: walnut, maple, cherry, elm, yew, plane, oak, honey locust, alder

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The Bolt Walnut is an artisanal product by BOEDE