Flexible (Traveling) Notebook

The most flexible notebook

The notebook is bound in leather without using card-board. Therefore it is flexible and best suited to be carried in a pocket because it will adapt its form to the environment.


The contents of the notebook is made from 100 grs. paper and amounts to 192 pages. The book-block is hand-sewn. The cover-leather has a front-flap in order to close the book and protect the fore-edge. The form of this closing is variable, depending on the rim-form of the skin used.

  • Height: 145 mm
  • Width: 100 mm
  • Thickness 18 mm


We create the notebook in multiple variants and colors. The images here are just some examples of how we finish them.

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What kind of leather is used for the cover?

Covers are made from leather suitable for bookbinding.  The leathers are derived from goat skin. 

What is the material of the closing string?

Closing strings are made from heavy-waxed braided polyester-yarn.

What kind of button is fixed to the closing?

Closing buttons vary in material, depending on availability they may be from leather, wood, stone, mother of pearl, bone or any other kind of suitable material.


The Flexible (Traveling) Notebook is an artisanal product by BOEDE